DIY POGO pin cable for VVDI2 reads PIN & CS from NEC cluster


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FYI, you can use VVDI2 device with supervag cable and

and supervag manual. It works great to get pin and CS with cable supervag svg157


cable with POGO pin is just a GND wire

nothing special. 2min to make itself


You can make your own cable for NEC cluster with “POGO pin” and all is working


wiring diagram for bukse from nec dash and OBD2, to make your cable


POGO pin cable is a just GND cable you connect to RESET PIN on PCB (tested on NEC 24C64 cluster, no have currently any Micronas cluster, however micronas read EPP is easy, no need remove dials etc)

Links for full size picture

with that example is easy to find on most of NEC cluster where is that
compare with renesas V850 datasheet you will understand what is this and where is available

step by step how to you can find on my page: post 5448


you can also find epp connection near NEC , and read EPP via BDM points
anyway , more practice ……….make you more professional .

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