Key Tool Max Plus Mini OBD Tool Add Smart Key to 2018 Honda HR-V

VVDI Key Tool Max

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This post comes with the guide of how to program new remote key to 2018 Honda HR-V E Limited by Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max and Mini OBD Tool.


Car: 2018 Honda HR-V E Limited

Keys: one Honda working key+ one blank key

Device: Xhorse Key Tool Max with VVDI Mini OBD Tool


Connect Mini OBD Tool to OBDII port of the vehicle

Test the working key can work normally, and the new key is not working

Turn on the ignition (press 2 times)

Enter Mini OBD main menu

Connect Key Tool Max with Mini OBD Tool via Bluetooth

When the connection is normal, the indicator of Mini OBD will be on

Select IMMO Programming-> Honda->Select by type->Smart key system2

Pay attention to the on-screen instruction to add a smart key or All smart keys are lost

Start execution

Select Add a smart key

Follow the prompts on the screen to operate step by step

Turn on ignition switch

Program the key number is 3

Take out all smart keys of the car

Put a programmed smart key inside the car

Have response sound

Take out all smart keys of the car

Put the new smart keys in the car

Identifying key…

Please turn off ignition switch then switch on twice

Check whether the indicator light is out

Please make sure if indicator light is off. If it is off, please switch ignition off then switch on twice

Program the key number is 4

Finish registering new smart key

Finally, test the new smart key, remote and start are ok


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