Program TOYOTA CVIOS 2012 All Keys Lost by VVDI Key Tool Max and Mini OBD Tool

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How to use VVDI Key Tool Max with Mini OBD Tool to program a new key on a Toyota VIOS 2012 when all keys lost?

Car: 2012 TOYOTA VIOS chip G (72)

Tools required:

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max with Mini OBD Tool

Blank key with super chip XT27


Plug Mini OBD Tool to the OBDII port of the vehicle

When connected successfully, the blue indicator light will be on

Run Xhorse APP on Key Tool Max

Enter MINI OBD menu

Select IMMO programming-> Toyota-> Select by type-> IMMO system-> Type 3 (4D 72G)

Read [5. Reset IMMO box (All keys lost)] instruction on the screen

Press [Start execution]

Select Reset IMMO box (all keys lost)

Then operate by the instructions which will display on the screen automatically

IMMO box will be reset soon. IMMO box will return to a new state after resetting.

Click [OK] to continue

Turn on ignition switch

Pull out the key within 120 seconds

Insert the first wanted programming key

Turn on ignition switch

Press [OK] to continue

Security light goes steady… Please wait…

Reset successfully

Remove the key and insert the main key again

Do not turn on the ignition switch and wait for 5 seconds.

Press [Confirm] to continue

Insert the second main key

Do not switch ignition on and wait for 5 seconds, wait for the IMMO light out

Click [Confirm] to continue

Insert the first key and switch the ignition quickly more than 5 times, until IMMO light goes out

Press [Confirm] to continue

Program success

Finally, test the keys programmed, all can start

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