How to VVDI MB points and free tokens

Can I get vvdi mb tokens for free? How to?


Vvdi mb tech support:


if you have points, it will help you save a lot. for vvdi mb, tokens are required


you can get 200 points (1 token) for each mb key

will get 25 points if you use a xhorse mb wired key

will get 40 points if you use a xhorse mb wireless key


Also, if you buy a Mini condor key cutting machine just give your seller your VVDI MB serial nb and he should hook you up and get you setup with xhorse to get a free 1 token daily .


Tip: how to exchange points for tokens


buy vvdi mb with unlimited tokens together

It’s cost and effective

Full kit = vvdi mb + unlimited tokens for 1 year:


Good to know:

how to add tokens for vvdi mb tool


Why tokens are necessary for vvdi mb?

VVDI MB Points: How to exchange for BGA tokens

Procedure to exchange VVDI MB points for BGA tokens:

Combine all the Xhorse tools with Upgrade Kit

Select a device and click on Binding

Enter your phone number to login

Log in and link your VVDI MB Tool to your account

Use the Key Tool application to exchange points for tokens

key tool application download for iOS and Android:

Scan the QR code to download app


For iOS mobiles:

For Android mobiles:

Then you will be able to exchange points to tokens sussfully

Note: 200 Points = 1 BGA Token

VVDI MB Tech Support: