How to VVDI MB points and free tokens

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Can I get vvdi mb tokens for free? How to?


Vvdi mb tech support:


if you have points, it will help you save a lot. for vvdi mb, tokens are required


you can get 200 points (1 token) for each mb key

will get 25 points if you use a xhorse mb wired key

will get 40 points if you use a xhorse mb wireless key


Also, if you buy a Mini condor key cutting machine just give your seller your VVDI MB serial nb and he should hook you up and get you setup with xhorse to get a free 1 token daily .


Tip: how to exchange points for tokens


buy vvdi mb with unlimited tokens together

It’s cost and effective

Full kit = vvdi mb + unlimited tokens for 1 year:


Good to know:

how to add tokens for vvdi mb tool


Why tokens are necessary for vvdi mb?

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