vvdi2 programs a new key to vw touareg 2010

1_ turn ignition on with working key .
2_ get pin code and cs code.
3_ make dealer key with know 7th bit.
3_ key learning and i put 2 key.
4_ turn ignition off thin ignition on with working key. And press ok thin turn ignition on with all key thin press ok .


Note that in the process of inserting each key and giving it ON
Each key should not be ON more than 5 seconds (better 2 seconds ON), else, the system will close on the first key which exceeds 5 seconds!

You should repeat again learning all keys.


Tech support from xhorsetool.com

Is there VAG UDS cluster cable for VVDI2?

No, but you can use any aftermarket UDS cable to power up and connect CAN communication between VVDI2 and your UDS cluster.


If you’re referring to the pogo pin cable which bypasses flash security for easy service mode without removal of Eeprom, this is only found on Advanced Diagnostics equipment, IEA Zedfull and Supervag as far as I’m aware.


Tech support from http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/vvdi2-full-version.html

VVDI2 program 2013 Passat slot key AKL (FAQs)

Confirmed! Xhorse vvdi2 can work for 2013 Passat slot key AKL.


By dump! Not through the obd!


Q: Do you need a special cable for the dump?

A: Vvdi prog or other eeprom programmer


Q: When you select the car on vvdi2 what the tool ask for ?

A: I havnt been out to the car yet, just asking for advice…I have AR32 and Tango also.

The tango and AR32 will work. It is best done out of circuit.

You can add the key by tango too i think. The eeprom would be 8 legs eeprom not difficult to read .


Q: Can you share details with us if you have a good success?

A: I tried to do one with vvdi 2 last year and i could not figure it out. I do us the prog to read and write these.