VVDI2 makes spare key for BMW 1-Series 2012?

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Question: Can VVDI2 make spare key for BMW 1-Series 2012?

Answer: You need to refine your question with more detail so you can get a straight answer. Firstly is the car E or F Series? On 2012 the 1 series coupe is E Series till that year and F Series also started in 2011 for the hatchback. Include more information and people can answer yes or no.

It doesn’t go by year or model. All depends on CAS/FEM firmware…

In my opinion it’s quicker to just plug into the car rather than go into a long convo with many open-ended answers.

to plug in and check CAS/FEM type??? No way to damage

The only ones that are pretty much guaranteed by OBD is CAS2 and CAS3 (not encrypted). The rest, CAS1, CAS3++, CAS3++(ISTAP), CAS4, CAS4+, FEM, BDC will require you to be ready for some BDM (on-bench) work…you MUST always expect that so you don’t get disappointed when you go to a BMW.

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