35160DW chip does NOT cover 35128WT

Fyi, the Xhorse 35160dw chip now supports M35080, M35080-3, M35080-6, M35080V6, M35080VP, D80D0WQ, 160D0WQ, 36160WT but CANNOT cover 35128WT (but will cover 35128 in the near future)

Hextag reading 2kb that’s the problem.
35128WT should have 16kb – it’s 8 times bigger.
I tried allredy read it with vvdi with chip soldered to that adapter and error – adapter not connected…
But on the picture under 35128 is 080 adapter

http://blog.xhorsetool.com/how-to-use-35160dw-chip-for-vvdi-prog-readswrites-mileages/  – this option doesn’t work.
Reads only 2kb instead 16kb.


Tested by Tom Kedra from https://www.facebook.com/groups/xhorsetools/

Confirmed by xhorsetool.com

Xhorse Server Shutdown on 02-05-2019

Hello, bros.

I’m here sorry to tell you that

Xhorse server will be shutdown

13:30 to 17:30, 02-05-2019 (GMT+08:00)
    • Service will be stopped:
      copy 48 calculation,
      VVDI MB calculation,
      online cloning,
      device synchronization,
      bonus points service
  • Reason for the shutdown:
The electric power company will do yearly maintenance of power distribution equipments

Again, sorry for any inconvenience!
Thanks for your support!

Best regards,

How to do a spare key to Passat 2010: Done with VVDI2 + VVDIprog

This is the procedure to help do a spare key to a Passat 2010 (optional solutions)


Method George Alin used:

Remove CCM(comfort) module .read 95320 eeprom … make dealer key … learn key on car ..Done

if it’s a spare deffo through OBD can get 7th byte from working key.

i like to be 100% covered that’s why i choose that method.

Method Jerry King used:

Read cs and pin from vehicle.

Go to transponder tools , find 7th byte with existing key.

Put in the 6 it pulled and insert the old key to find the 7th.

Write the 7 bytes to new key.

Go back to VW tool and write that key.

Go to diagnostics , comfort module program remote.

The entire job takes 5 minutes or less you do not need to pull anything.

My experience applies to USA market only.

Method Jimmy Sadler used:

You can clone the chip then program the remote

The easiest and quickest method for a spare.

It separate from Chip and remote program separately

the chip is in side of the remote just open it up you will see the chip

Method Craig Bowie used:

Here are my notes they are for the zedfull but I have also done it with the vvdi prog and the vvdi2

With the VVDI prog read out of Circuit with the eight leg reader then open VDI to transponder programming pick the car and load the file add key

Credits to all the contribution in the XHORSE group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xhorsetools/