Possible to add keys to 2013 Prius using VVDIprog and key tool?


2013 Prius with fob fcc id: hyq14acx
DENSO 14ACX. Customer has original key, can vvdi prog and vvdi key tool renew/erase/write/create working second key fob with used key fob?



you can do it with mvp or skp900, if it’s a used key you’re using do a reset immobilizer, and when you’re adding the key use you’re key first not the customer’s otherwise is not going to take it. If the key is new or clean you can just add it, 2 minutes job, also you can clean the key with the vvdi2

(Credits to Juan M DF from the Xhorse group)

VVDI-Prog 4.8.2 Download Link+ New Features (04.2019)

Free download VVDI programmer 4.8.2:

Updated on 25-04-2019

VVDIprog v4.8.2 new info:
* This version DOESN’t need update firmware
* Fix picture MC9S12-SECURED.jpg
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.8.2 version in Doc folder
+ Add R5F10C/D_Data_8KB_Read, R5F10C/D_Data_8KB_Write, R5F10C/10DxC_Flash_32KB_Read, R5F10C/10DxC_Flash_32KB_Write, R5F10C/10DxD_Flash_48KB_Read,
R5F10C/10DxD_Flash_48KB_Write, R5F10C/10DxE_Flash_64KB_Read, R5F10C/10DxE_Flash_64KB_Write, R5F10DxF_Flash_96KB_Read, R5F10DxF_Flash_96KB_Write,
R5F10DxG_Flash_128KB_Read, R5F10DxG_Flash_128KB_Write, R5F10DxJ_Flash_256KB_Read, R5F10DxJ_Flash_256KB_Write, R5F10DxK_Flash_384KB_Read,
R5F10DxK_Flash_384KB_Write, R5F10DxL_Flash_512KB_Read, R5F10DxL_Flash_512KB_Write, R5F10CxBx_Flash_24KB_Read,R5F10CxBx_Flash_24KB_Wri te,
options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS-RL78-D1A>
+ Add R5F104XX_Data_4KB_Read, R5F104XX_Data_4KB_Write, R5F104XX_Data_8KB_Read, R5F104XX_Data_8KB_Write, R5F104xA_Flash_16KB_Read, R5F104xA_Flash_16KB_Write,
R5F104xC_Flash_32KB_Write, R5F104xC_Flash_32KB_Read, R5F104xD_Flash_48KB_Read, R5F104xD_Flash_48KB_Write, R5F104xE_Flash_64KB_Read, R5F104xE_Flash_64KB_Write,
R5F104xF_Flash_96KB_Read, R5F104xF_Flash_96KB_Write, R5F104xG_Flash_128KB_Write, R5F104xG_Flash_128KB_Read, R5F104xH_Flash_192KB_Read, R5F104xH_Flash_192KB_Write,
R5F104xJ_Flash_256KB_Read, R5F104xJ_Flash_256KB_Write, R5F104xK_Flash_384KB_Read, R5F104xK_Flash_384KB_Write, R5F104xL_Flash_512KB_Read, R5F104xL_Flash_512KB_Write,
options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS-RL78-G14>
+ Add LAGUNA-UCT-BCM(2013) options in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><RENAULT>
+ Add LACROSSE options in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><GM>
+ Add EMGRAND-GL-PEPS(2017) options in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><GEELY>
+ Add SWIFT options in <7-AIRBAG>-><SUZUKI>
+ Add BALENO options in <7-AIRBAG>-><SUZUKI>
+ Add NEW-REGAL-SAS(2009-2013) options in <7-AIRBAG>-><BUICK>
+ Add A6L-LEVEL-REGULATOR(2014) options in <8-OTHER>-><AUDI>
+ Add IX35-POWER-DISTRIBUTOR(2014) options in <8-OTHER>-><HYUNDAI>
+ Add 740-PLG-COMPUTER options in <8-OTHER>-><BMW>