Is Xhorse Key Tool Max Worth Buying?

VVDI Key Tool Max

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Xhorse Key Tool Max is a must-have tool for locksmiths! Do you have this tool? Here are the newest customers’ experiences of using this tool.

Feedback 1:

It is a good tool worth the price paid.

Feedback 2:

Great device.

Specialty when there is no communication on the OBDII port.

To add a key, cloning is the only option.

Perhaps reading the transreciver, and of course the best part using the smart chip to create one.

Awesome tool.

Feedback 3:

Yes, I use it to control my Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 as well as generate and program Super Chips and remotes, OBD program car keys and am about to buy the VVDI Mini Prog for EPROM stuff through it.

Feedback 4:

Good tool and must have key tool. It’s reliable and durable. How I wish I have the financial strength to add key tool plus and dolphin.. I would be the best locksmith in my city.

Feedback 5:

I LOVE mine…does just what I want it to, rarely gives any issues and is EASY to use.

Feedback 6:

Yes. This VVDI key tool max is one of the best tools partnered with im608.


Feedback 7:

Good tool but still needs some chip generation fixed like ID13, 4D64 and ID46 7937E.

Thanks to all users’ feedback above!

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