VVDI Key Tool Max Clone Chip 46 and Add Remote Honda City 2015

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Tutorial: How to clone chip 46 and add remote on a Honda City 2015 by VVDI Key Tool Max with VVDI XN Remote.


Car model: Honda City 2015

Issue: all remote lost

The VVDI Super Chip XT27 have weak signal when clone to chip 46.

The solution:

Recommend to use XN remote instead of XT27 for clone chip 46

How to do:

First, generate remote by VVDI Key Tool Max.

Vehicle remote>> Honda>> City>> HLIK-1 T City Thailand XK 2/1179

Put the XN remote wireless into coil and press ‘Generate’

Burn success

Install the remote into a remote shell

Next program the remote manually.

Insert the original key to turn on the ignition switch

Press Lock button on the new key

Repeat the step above for three times

Then test the remote.

Finally, go to clone chip 46.

Back to the main menu of KEYTOOL MAX

Select ‘Transponder clone’

Put the customer key into the coil position and press ‘Read transponder’

Read out the chip is Honda city 46 PCF7936

Then press ‘Clone’

Put the original key into coil and press ‘Start clone’

Select ‘46 Transponder clone’

Query the calculate result ok

Then take out the original key

Put the XN remote into the Key Tool Max coil

It quickly writes the data.

Clone successfully

Use the new key to start the car

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