Three steps to Install and Set Up Xhorse Smart Key Box

Xhorse Smart Key Box

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When you receive the Xhorse Smart Key Box package, open it and take out all goods incl. one smart key box, an OBD power supply cable, a RF antenna, two LF antennas (long and short), and a connector for soldering the remote. Then go to install the tool into your car with the step-by-step guide, and your smartphone is able to work as an independent car key. You can also program traditional remotes to your car.

Main steps:

Step 1: Soldering the PCB board

Step 2: Key learning

Step 3: Installing the tool into your vehicle

Step 1: Soldering the PCB board

Remove the two screws from the smart key box, then you can see the location to install the original remote and the learn button.

Take out the PCB board and the connector

The red and black wire: connect to the battery connector on the board and the black to the negative side

The orange wire: connect to the lock button

The yellow wire: connect to the unlock button

The green wire: connect to the trunk

The blue wire: connect to the panic button

Solder the wire to PCB with a soldering tool

After soldering, install it into the box

Step 2: Key learning

Before key learning, download the Smart Key Box APP with the QR code on the packing box

Key learning can be completed with or without the PCB board in

Here remove the PCB board for clear illustration

The learn button and DIP switch are marked in the figure

Just keep the DIP switch in the default mode

Power the box with the 12V power supply

Find the ‘VVDI PKE BOX 445’ option and generate remote

Long press the learn button, you’ll hear a beep

Press ‘Connect the Car’ on the APP and press the SN of the box to enter learning mode

If you need to learn smartphone, hit ‘Learn current mobile phone’

Learning completed (programmed successfully)

And you can learn the next smartphone by tapping ‘Learn the next’. It can connect 6 smartphones at most.

If you don’t need to learn smartphones, go straight to learn the remote.

Press any button on the remote, you’ll hear a beep and the remote is learned successfully. Smart Key Box also can connect 6 remotes at most.

After learning, press ‘Exit learning mode’

Step 3: Installing the tool into your vehicle

Install the PCB and check the flasher

When press ‘Lock’ on the APP, the flasher will flash once. That means the remote works great.

Then install the box into the car to see how it works with a car.

Smart box and car connection:

Connect the port of smart box to the OBD 12V power supply cable

Connect the middle port to the RF antenna

Connect the right 3 ports to the LF antennas

The OBD power cable has 3 wires:

  • The red wire connect to 12V
  • The black wire connect to the earth wire
  • The yellow wire connect to the ACC key power

The Vbat and earth wire gets power from OBD or the fuse box.

The location of ACC differs in different vehicles. For example, OBD pin 1 usually is the key power in VW MB and BMW car.

Here takes VW as an example.

Drilled a hole and have connected the ACC wire to the OBD pin 1

Plug the cable into the OBD port

When the engine is off, there is no voltage between OBD pin1 and the earth pin, and there is a 12V reading between the OBD pin 16 and the earth pin.

Start the engine, read the 12V between the OBD pin1 and earth pin, there is key power.


Generally speaking, for VW, MB and BMW cars, OBD pin1 is the key power.

For other vehicles, you may find the key power in 3 locations.

OBD pin1, OBD pin8 and if you can’t find the key power in the OBD pins, you need to check out the fuse box.

If you only program smartphones without using remotes, you don’t need to install the RF and LF antennas.

If you want to program remotes, screw the RF antenna into the Smart Key Box and place it on the driver’s side.

For the LF antennas, the short one is recommended to be installed in the front and the long one installed at the rear of the vehicle. This could help the Smart Key Box receive wider remote signal.

Alright, that’s the whole process to install Xhorse smart box to vehicle in three steps. It inherits all functions of your original remote, including lock, unlock, panic and trunk. Plus, keylessentry is also a function that can be performed on your smartphone. SMART KEY BOX also features remote sharing function which allows you to authorize your friends to unlock your car for a certain amount of time.


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