VVDI KeyTool 3.2.4 Update – EU, NA, ME all worked!

VVDI Key Tool

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VVDI key tool firmware update 3.2.4 is available now! (28-06-2019)

Version 3.2.4 works for key tool all versions:


incl. EU, NA, ME, CN versions..

Download Link:


Password: 123456


vvdi key tool 3.2.4 released notes:

What’s New:

1- Added vvdi super chip xt27 generation an clone
(support 7935 46 47 49 48 8E 4D 4E 4C 8A 8C 11 12 13 etc)

2-Add Toyota H chip generation and clone online using vvdi super chip xt27
(require Xhorse App version 1.5.0)

3- Added super chip remote generation function
(remote and transponder prepared at the same time)

4- Few bugs fixed

  • fixed super chip remote generation bugs
  • fixed some chip detection bugs

(sorry for the released notes in Chinese here;

but will update the English ver. soon)

Credits to Ayman Janoud

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