VVDI2+VVDI Prog Program key to CAS4+ 5M48H (3min)

Purpose: Program key to CAS4+ 5M48H

Tool: VVDI Prog 4.6.1 + VVDI2 BMW 4.6.0

Time: 3 minutes

Others: VVDI2 BMW CAS4+ Function Authorization


Here you go…


  1. Open VVDI Pro 4.6.1, choose chip “CAS4-5M48H-BACKUP”

Then “Connection diagram”, then “CAS4 diagram V3”

  1. Click on “Read”, then initialization device…Please confirm the chip type and connection, click Y to continue.

  1. Click on “Save”.

  1. Open VVDI2 Quick Start V4.6.0, then click on “BMW”.

  1. Choose “Key learn” -> “File make key” ->  the type “CAS4+ (5M48H) ->  “Load EEPROM dump file” -> “KeyID3” -> “Make Dealer Key”-> “Known ISN” and paste the ISN in the blank box-> Next -> Ok->OK when the window prompts “Key written successfully. Go to car with the key, not need to write back eeprom”.

Job’s done. Test the key. It works.