How to Cut Honda Keys with Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Successfully?

One customer has a 2009 Honda CR-V, and wants to cut new key using Xhorse Dolphin XP005L key cutting machine. He’s not a complete beginner but he hasn’t had the chance to do any Honda keys yet. So he wants to reach out before his appointment so he could be better prepared. Here have collected some suggestions from dolphin users. Hope it helps!


Opinion 1:

I use this profile- Hon66 everytime with no issues.

Opinion 2:

I made a key for CRV using HON66 type but it does not work.

The key was not getting inserted in the lock.

Then after closely inspecting the original key, i found that the depth of the cutting on both side of the key is more than usual.

So while cutting there is an option to increase the cutting depth. I increased it by .10 and then the key worked.

Opinion 3:

I’m just running into money when I do Honda keys. If you decode it accurately you should be fine. If it doesn’t work smooth run it through the machine again. You should be fine though.

Opinion 4:

I cut a lot of Honda keys every week with both my dolphins no problems…when they start to act up it’s usually a calibration issue …that’s when I know it’s time to calibrate…

Opinion 5:

Use the optical reader then run bitting through instacode or whatever bitting provider you use and make sure key code is a legit code. But that’s where you will have the problems. The Cutting is not the problem the worn out keys that are hard to get bitting off of it. Use a test key first.

Opinion 6:

I usually do a decode and look at original key if it matches properly I cut it but if it is a worn down key either I use universal cut option or charge to get the key code from the lock. Done deal money in bag!

Opinion 7:

Just get the key code from the glove box lock. The dolphin will do the rest.

Opinion 8:

Better to cut with key code, as universal decoder is not good. I tried it a few times and never got the key right. Even two times my tracer broke.

Opinion 9:

Deburr the key fellows. Don’t stick a fresh cut Honda key of all things in the ignition.

You’re gonna wreck the lock and cause more heart break.

You’ve got to deburr any key you cut on any machine. Specially Hondas. Smooth the rough edges on the key, specially the tip. And be sure to spritz the lock with some Houdini.

On Hondas, you’re so much better off on pulling the glove box lock or maybe the truck lock and running the code. I’ve found that using the universal decode even with an original key is flakey. The key, specially on the car as old as you’re dealing with is probably quite worn.

Hondas luckily put the key code on most of their locks. Run that and you won’t have an issue.

To sum up, it is recommended to take the following measures to try.

  • Deburr Honda key before cutting on Dolphin XP005L. Smooth the rough edges on the key, specially the tip. And also spritz the lock with some Houdini.
  • Better to cut with key code which is on the glove box lock or truck lock
  • Calibrate Dolphin XP005L
  • Select HON66 type to operate
  • Increase the cutting depth on Dolphin key cutting machine if required


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