How to use VVDI Keytool for Honda ID47 (G) chip

VVDI Key Tool

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Xhorse Vvdi key tool is verified to work for Honda G 47 remote generation!



New Honda cars use special ID47 G chips which are a little expensive to buy

You can covert ordinary ID47 to special ID47 G, using VVDI Keytool


Honda id47 key to:

New honda city

New honda jazz

New honda amaze


cannot be cloned with VVDI key tool!!!

ordinary ID47 key on VVDI key tool: unlocked

Vvdi keytool says,”unlocked”


In vvdi key tool:

Select: generate transponder – search by chip id – 47 – honda

Vvdi keytool converts ordinary ID47 to special ID47 G:

Writing success! Honda G chip is generated!

ID47 G chip on VVDI key tool: unused G chip

In vvdi keytool:

Select: transponder clone – automatic detection clone transponder – read

Now Honda G chip on VVDI Keytool is confirmed!

New honda city: YES!

New honda jazz: YES!

New honda amaze: YES!

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